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Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, who is most often referred to using his professional stage name, Tom Cruise, is relatively short for a male actor in the American film industry today, measuring a mere 5 feet, 7 inches in height. He was born on the 3rd day of the month of July in the year 1962 in New York. Both of his parents worked at relatively humble jobs throughout Tom’s childhood. His mother worked in the field of education, providing assistance as a teacher to children with special needs, and his father was employed as an engineer for electrical systems. Cruise is the only boy in his family and has a total of three sisters. Throughout his childhood years, Cruise and his family lived near the poverty line in terms of their finances. His father was very abusive and often took out his anger issues on his children. Tom’s father later joined the military in Canada and the family relocated to the country in 1971. It was at this time that Cruise became interested in the world of theatrical arts, participating in theatre lessons and working on the production of a play that he had created with some friends. Throughout his school years, Cruise was also very interested in athletic endeavors, playing on the hockey team. Cruise, his siblings, and his mother left Canada to return to the United States during the spring of his 6th grade year, as his mother decided to separate from his father. Although he briefly entertained the idea of venturing into the religious realm as a priest in the Catholic Church, he later abandoned the idea. Cruise obtained his very first role as an actor in the year 1981, with a short appearance in a film. Two years later, he was able to become a part of a production of a film adaptation of the novel, The Outsiders. During that same period, he worked on multiple other movies, which finally advanced his career. His first major hit was released in the year 1986, when he was able to obtain a role in the Blockbuster hit, Top Gun, which rocketed his career. Throughout his career, he has worked with various other big-name Hollywood artists, including Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, with whom he had a marriage for over 10 years, and numerous others. He has had a total of three different marriages. He is currently active in the church of Scientology, despite his upbringing in the Catholic faith.

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