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Taylor Allison Swift is surprisingly taller than you might think, measuring in at an impressive height of 5 feet, 11 inches tall. She was born on the 13th day of the month of December in the year 1989 in Pennsylvania. At the time that she was born, her mother expressed a desire to name her daughter using a name that was not strongly tied to one gender or another, in the hope of expanding her later career options as a performance artist. Both of her parents worked in the financial industry when Taylor was young, although her mother quit her job as one of the marketing professionals for a mutual fund in order to stay at home full-time to take care of Taylor. Taylor’s name was inspired by the popular musician James Taylor. She is the oldest child in her family and has one brother who is younger than she is. By the time that she was nine years of age, she moved to another area within Pennsylvania with her family before they eventually settled in Tennessee in order to concentrate on boosting Taylor’s career as a musician. From the time that she was only nine months of age, Swift developed a love of horses. She was an active participant in various horse competitions when she was young and her family had multiple horses of their own. By the time that she had turned nine years of age, Swift developed an interest in the theatrical arts and participated in various productions that were put on by the school that she attended. During this time, she was a part of shows of Annie and Grease, among other musicals. Her family allowed her to go on regular trips to New York, where she was able to receive the benefit of lessons in theatre and vocal performance. Shortly after this, she began to concentrate on the genre of country music. When she had turned 11 years old, Taylor obtained the honors of the first place designation in a competition and had the chance to perform onstage at a local concert as one of the acts that opened the show. After the family relocated to Nashville, Taylor worked to develop her skills as a songwriter and used a natural talent as a poet to pour out her thoughts and feelings into the form of songs. Because she was able to obtain a recording contract during her high school years, she finished out her education through a homeschool service, which allowed her to receive the diploma she sought by 2008.

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DeborahRN says: May 31, 2013

She is beautiful!

Annie says: May 21, 2013

I love Taylor swift! She is sooo pretty and seems so sweet! I love her music! I really look up to her....... :)

Lily says: May 9, 2013

I love you Taylor Swift! wow... so tall. im not even 5ft yet

kall says: April 28, 2013

taylor swift is amazing

swiftie says: March 28, 2013

I am the biggest fan of tay but she is very ugly!

Buttboy says: March 22, 2013


SiSi says: March 20, 2013

awesome! Iam short I am 13 and i am 5 feet

Nige says: March 17, 2013

She a super cute looking girl and very talented, keep up the good work and ignore the press

SelenaGomez says: March 9, 2013

She maybe my best friend but and i think she she is a very good singing but she eeds to stop writting about her love life and how she likes boys how don't like her back or he cheated ! TRUE STORY

kiley says: March 6, 2013

taller than my mom

DAN says: February 22, 2013

I honk she is really really good looking and a very good singer

Unknown says: February 2, 2013

She`s very good...I like her...She is a Supermodel...