How Tall is Kevin Hart?

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Kevin Hart is one of the shorter comedians and actors to be working on the American circuit today, measuring in at a mere 5 feet, 4 inches in height. He was born on the 6th day of the month of July in the year 1980 in Pennsylvania. Kevin was the youngest child in his family while growing up, having only one brother that was older than him. Although his father was sometimes involved in his life, Kevin spent most of his childhood with his mother, due to a severe addiction that his father suffered to drugs. His father has currently gone through the rehabilitation process and enjoys a much more solid relationship with his son currently. Because of his negative example to his son at a young age, Kevin did not ever have an interest in experimenting with drugs during his teenage or young adult years. When Kevin finished his high school education, he relocated to New York, where he enrolled at a local community college. After he was able to finish up his associate’s degree at the school, he moved to Massachusetts, where he was employed as a salesman for a shoe store. He did not actively begin to pursue a career in comedy until a few years later, when he was able to participate in a comedy night for amateurs in the Philadelphia area. This first comedy show was not successful and he received jeering calls from the crowd throughout the entirety of the performance. He did not give up on the career in comedy that he wanted to pursue, however, and continued to perform at various shows and competitions back in the town where he was living in Massachusetts. Although he initially spent much of his comedy time trying to match the styles of comedians that he enjoyed, he soon developed his own personal comedy style. Kevin has gone on to be able to enjoy a lot of success and acclaim on his comedy tours. In addition to his work in the comedy industry, Hart has also helped to release a game for the Apple store and has also obtained roles on various television shows and even a couple of films. He has also participated in various award shows for actors as one of the hosts. Hart himself has been the recipient of several awards and nominations, including an award from the BET for his work in one of his comedy tours.

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