How Tall is Brad Pitt?

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William Bradley “Brad” Pitt is actually surprisingly taller than you might think, measuring in at the height of 5 feet, 11 inches tall. He was born on the 18th day of the month of December in the year 1963 in Oklahoma. His parents came from a very humble background. His mother worked at one of the local high schools, where she was employed to provide counseling to the students. His father was the owner of a trucking company. While he was still very young, the whole family relocated to the area of Springfield in the state of Missouri, where he spent much of his childhood. Pitt was the oldest child in his family and had one brother and one sister that were each younger than he was. During his high school years, Brad was very interested in athletic endeavors. Because of this, he was an active participant on the swim and wrestling teams, in addition to playing tennis and golf. During this time, he also was a part of the Key club, the debate team, and also participated in the musical theater program. After he finished up his high school education, he attended one of the universities in Missouri. He focused his studies on journalism, with a particular emphasis on advertising. While he was attended college, he joined one of the fraternities on the campus, which often put on shows that he helped to participate in. Although he came within two weeks of being able to obtain his bachelor’s degree, he made the decision to leave the college and relocate out to the Los Angeles area in the state of California, where he started to take lessons in the craft of acting while working in various jobs to support himself. He was finally able to appear in several films beginning in the year 1987, although he did not receive credit for his appearances within these films. His first credited role occurred in the springtime of the year 1987, where he was able to obtain a part in one of the popular daytime soap operas on the NBC network. He also played for a brief stint on the show Dallas, participating in the show for a total period of about three months. He finally received his first major role in a film that came out in the year 1988, although this film was not shown to the public until the year 1997.

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